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whatsthepointlogoQuick note to tell you about a podcast I’ve been listening to lately: fivethirtyeight’s What’s the Point.

It’s about how people use data and algorithms in different domains, and what the consequences are to the rest of us. I’m really enjoying it, especially (of course) when they get into ethics. I recommend the most recent episode, “The Gap Between What you Like and What You Say You Like.” Super interesting, accessible, and relatable.

I love podcasts. They are an easy and interesting way too keep up on and learn more about things I am curious about, and they keep me from being bored while I clean and commute. I’ll do a future post on my podcast addiction, but suffice it to say, if I’m not actively reading or writing, you can bet I’m listening to a podcast.

And this one’s got about a year’s worth of back episodes to listen to :) Gotta love that offline listening <3

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