After finishing my work in the art department at SDSU, where I completed a minor in art, I continuted to create things I liked, and eventually, it became a service I could offer others. You can see my portfolio, check out prints and other fun things in my store, or contact me about creating a custom piece of art for you.

I specialize in india inked portraits. My favorite story is the one behind this painting of a father and son. My client was the baby in the photo on the left, who sent me the photo, which was damaged by years of love and included only the seat of a 50's Harley. Fortunately, the Internet knows what the bike looked like, and I was able to turn a creased and yellowed photograph into a painting he could display and enjoy.

I've done a few other paintings of kids on motorcycles. I guess you could say it's my specialty. You can see snapshots of a couple of these commissions below. I don't only paint pictures of children on bikes, though! Check out my portfolio for a better idea of what I do.

You don't need to have a photo for me to work from, either. We can design your image together: everything from postcard- to mural-sized images in a variety of styles and media. Send me an email to learn more.

Thanks for stopping by!