Rule, A., Tabard, A., Boyd, K., & Hollan, J. (2015, July). Restoring the Context of Interrupted Work with Desktop Thumbnails Paper presented at CogSci 2015: The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Pasadena, CA: Cognitive Science Society.

Current Projects

Mobile Developers and Privacy: Beliefs, Practices, and Education

With the EViD lab, I'm helping explore how mobile developers think about and implement privacy protections.

Public Health, Nanotechnology and Mobility (PHeNoM): Understanding Design and Adoption of Lab-On-Chip Biometric Devices

With the EViD lab, I'm helping with the PHeNoM project. An interdisciplinary project team at Cornell University (the PHeNoM project) is developing a smartphone attachment to read blood and saliva test strips, as well as applications to provide the results and guide users through the process. Our goal is to investigate the social values and impacts of lab-on-chip technologies in this mobile health context

Sharing, Human Values, and Computer Activity Tracking at Work

Rich, in-context data about work activity is potentially valuable for researchers, employers, peers, and workers themselves. But who controls recorded data? And how should it be shared with others? In the Design Lab at UCSD, we are working on work tracking software that accomodates and protects the values of stakeholders.