Current Projects

Mobile Developers and Privacy

With the EViD lab, I'm helping explore how mobile developersimplement privacy protections given their beliefs, organizational environment, and external factors.

Machine Learning Engineering and Ethical Interventions

My prospective dissertation looks at the disclosure of charateristics and context of training data as an ethics internvetion in teams that curate training data and teams that train models.

Theory Family Tree

As part of an independent study, I created a visualization to help students explore theory in the context of related ideas. This project is the basis for a course and a module for inclusion into existing PhD courses to promote theoretical understanding and contribution in interdisciplinary and diverse cohorts- this course is currently in development. You can view the visualization , a more detailed write up (click download on the right), or the code repository.

Code of Ethics Discourse Analysis

This focuses on responsibility attribution in the discourse surrounding the development of the ACM/IEEE Software Development Code of Ethics.